Home Heating Carbon Emissions (HHCE) is a subsidiary of Sutherland Tables, which is a reputable and established source of independent and impartial information on domestic heating costs www.sutherlandtables.co.uk

Sutherland Comparative Domestic Heating Costs Tables have been published regularly since 1976

Home Heating Carbon Emissions Tables provide comparative figures for the CO2 emissions produced by domestic heating systems for the most common fuels across a range of standard house types throughout the UK and Ireland

Fuel types include Electricity (standard & economy7, Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps), Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and wood pellets.

Dwellings include those built to 2006 building regulations and SAP standards, as well as dwellings built to 1980s building regulations and SAP standards that have been subsequently upgraded to current building regulations and standards.

HHCE is not linked commercially to any supplier of fuel or heating systems.

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